Sunday, September 17, 2006

Oh great just what's needed in the world another blog.

Well actually yes.

I've been following the news lately and it looks very much like we are heading for the point where an all out war with Islam is coming.

Time seems to be running out for Islam to reform itself and purge the barbarians in its midst. The few encouraging signs by some leaders seem not enough to stem the tide that seems to be building.

If Islam refuses to reform and the radicals dominate the religion the question will come down to this. Will we act before some kind of WMD is used upon us?

If we act before then it will be hard but we might be able to save one of the world's leading religions from devouring itself. If we don't then the other hand that the west has held behind it back will come out and a war of slaughter will ensue that will make WWII look like a cakewalk.

In the end I have no doubt that in such a war the west will win, but the price for stopping those who would shackle us will be so high in blood that it will stain our hearts and souls.

My sons are in their teen years now. Unless something changes and fast they will end up having to fight this war. So the time to act is now.

When I look at what is happening in Islam today it reminds me of the movie "The Godfather".

Moderate and modern Islam is under siege by a group trying to dominate and control. It doesn't really want this control, it came to the west to get away from the shackles, yet it can't break the bonds of kinship to those who wish to control it

  • They speak the same language.
  • They share the same the same culture.
  • they are uncles and cousins.
  • They have relatives in the old country who are in the same business.
  • When they show strength and the west backs down they respect and feel pride in that strength.

and most important of all

  • They know their lives aren't worth a plug nickel if they stand alone against it.
  • They risk rejection by their family, friends and disgrace to their families.

I'm just an old married man trying to support his family, I can't do much alone but I think that there is something that can be done it consists of two things.

Prayer and Action

Let's start with part II of the plan first ACTION. I list this first so that those who do not follow any religion can see what I propose. What is necessary is positive action.

We have to provide moral support to those within Islam who are trying to reform it.

We have to condemn those who are murdering and burning in the name of Islam

We have to say out loud that those who murder in the name of a religion are barbarians and refuse to equivocate on "root causes" while murder is being committed, let us avoid the BUT.

We need to eschew any short term political or social gain that an aliance with Radical Islam or those who support it might provide.

We have to call on our media both print and video and our leaders both secular and religious to hold Islam to the same civilized standard that is expected of any other religion or movement both within our land and outside.

If we want a free secular state that welcomes all religious people to practice their beliefs freely without fear (and allow those with no religion to practice nothing) we have to have the courage to stand up and demand it.

The action you choose is your own, A vigil for those killed in a suicide bombing, a counter protest to those who demand special privilege or support groups who are violent, or a simple letter to the editor or congressman or woman, but take action. Even the smallest action can make a difference. Mine is going to be this blog.

Now for part I PRAYER. I am a Roman Catholic but it doesn't matter what religion you belong to, Christian, Jew, Moslem, Buddhist etc. If you believe in some sort of GOD odds are prayer is part of that relationship. Let us use that power of prayer to make a difference. Let us not be afraid to call on God to help.

  • Let us pray to change the hearts of those who attempt to corrupt a proud religion.
  • Let us pray that God strengthen and support those in Islam standing up for peace.
  • Let us pray that God will give us the courage to speak out and not be silent as this evil attempts to overwhelm us and its allies and doubters scorn and embarrass us.
  • Let us pray that our leaders both spiritual and temporal will have the strength to speak and act against this evil.
  • Let us pray for the innocent who are caught in the middle of this struggle.

In my opinion the window we have here is small. If we don't use the power that we have through prayer and action we will end up with two choices. War or submission. Both of those options frankly stink. Lets do what we can to avoid them both.


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