Saturday, September 23, 2006

Quick note:

I will try to manage 5 posts a week but I do this along with everything else I do so I can't promise more than that.

Now for the action item for this weekend. It's really easy and it's personal. The action item is to not let the reports true or false of Bin Laden's death make you complacent. As I said in my first post, radical Islam is a lot like a Mafia family. The death of the head of a single family doesn't mean the mob has closed shop.

Now for the prayer. With all of the worries we've been dealing with, this whole blog is a very heavy topic lets go a little lighter.

Oh Lord you have blessed us with our lives, hear our prayer and help us to notice even in times of trouble all the good and pleasant things we have every day from our cup of coffee in the morning, the company of our family and friends, a TV show we enjoy or a little snack or even the view from our window. Help us to recognize these small gifts in our world of trouble and let them energize us as we face the challenges ahead. We ask this through Christ our Lord, Amen.


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