Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Today is election day in my neck of the woods, so our action item for the day is elections:

  1. If you have an election in your area, VOTE. Support candidates who recognize the threat and intend to act upon it.
  2. If there is not an election where you are, write your member of congress. Spell out your concerns and give them a chance to answer them, be fair, base your actions in the fall on what they say and do, not what somebody else tells you. Be informed! You can't make a wise decision in any other way.

And now today's prayer, this one is should be acceptable to non-Catholic Christians:

Lord Jesus you invited your followers to pick up their crosses. Help us to accept that invitation. Give us the strength to move forward in the dark days ahead. Help us to change the hearts of our foes and those who support them, through the example of our acts. Give us the words to persuade those who walk shoulder to shoulder with darkness. And touch our hearts so that we may do this with the respect and love for our neighbor that is required of us. Amen.


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