Thursday, September 21, 2006

Today's action item is media related:

There was a huge protest in NYC yesterday against the Iran of Ahmadinejad. His actions and the actions and sponsorship of Iran represent the single best chance for the disaster I fear to take place.

25,000 people showed up, and one newspaper reports it. That's it. Nobody decided it was important enough to cover. The action item for today is to call your local paper and ask them: Why didn't you cover this event? Where is your story?"

25,000 people protesting at the UN isn't newsworthy?

If you didn't hear about it yourself, you should check here, here , here, here and here.

Hat tip Instapundit.

Today's prayer will be appropriate for a Jewish audience.

Lord, you called Amos to prophesy from tending the flock and the sycamore. Help us to warn our brothers of the danger before us. Give us the strength and the courage to proclaim this to all we see that your people whom you have chosen and all those who love you may live in peace.


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